Best Amazon educational toys for toddlers

What are the best toys for toddlers nowadays? There are so many to choose from. As things haven’t normalised yet and playgroups aren’t back. We are all looking for a set that will make homeschooling fun, affordable, and educational! As I skimmed through Amazon I found 5 and the rest are second-hand toys, from ages […]

Easy indoor or outdoor toddler activities

A list of activities and toys that will create a magical moment for your bub that doesn’t break the bank. These are the all-time favourite toys and activities that even adults even love! The ultimate goal of the activities: sensory, be present at the moment, and oodles of fun! I really struggled when my son […]

Working from home with a toddler and returning to work

Is it possible to work at home with a toddler during the pandemic? Let’s debunk these frequently asked questions before returning to work. Why now? This time a lot are staying at home, and things won’t go back to normal for a year or so. So there’s a greater chance of engagement. Even without the […]


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