A list of activities and toys that will create a magical moment for your bub that doesn’t break the bank. These are the all-time favourite toys and activities that even adults even love! The ultimate goal of the activities: sensory, be present at the moment, and oodles of fun!

I really struggled when my son turned 20 months. If the newborn stage was hard, having a toddler is way more challenging. I needed to up my A-game being an entertainer, and of course patience. But once I got the hang of it. Everything flows, and…..at times it doesn’t. So when that happens, you need to tweak your routine a little bit and introduce probably new toys or add new easy activities.

Here’s a list of the all-time favourite activities and toys.

Check out The Incremental Mama for varieties of activities, 20+ Super Easy Activities for 2 Year Olds where it focuses on independent play.

I know that I added YouTube, and some may not agree with it. But truth be told, I usually resort to it once I’ve run out of ideas or he’s bored with some of the routine. Kids YouTube is really helpful especially during the lockdown. My son only takes 10-15 minutes with arts and crafts or toys. I usually start his day with brekkie then screen time. Then a morning walk, meeting up with friends at the park. I started screen time when he was 3 months and so far my little one has never abused his cartoon privileges. Once TV time is done he will resist for a while and will be okay after a few minutes. My little one really responded well with Youtube Kids that he learned body anatomy and speech development.

Another option is online classes or playgroups. The Independent also listed a few interesting online classes that you can have via Zoom. Here’s 13 best online baby and toddler classes for parents: Try new activities in lockdown

Photo by Kelly Sikkema

He also never gets bored with pots and pans and my baking stuff! So hurrah for me! I only occasionally buy him some toys that he really loves – and that’s savings! It used to be at playgroup that he get’s introduced with new activities and toys. Now it’s play dates with other moms and Pinterest. It’s hard when you purchase toys that will only get dumped on the side. Not only will it be a waste but it will be a clutter. How the day goes is part-baby led. In the morning he started heading towards the door and made morning walks a daily thing. In the afternoons after his nap, he’ll be wanting to visit the garden. And it’s a great opportunity to teach the children appreciating nature. It’s never too early to do so. They can help dig some holes or throw some if they like.

Let me know what all-time favourites you love with your kiddo. A bonus when it even entertains you and brings the inner child in you. Leave them in the comments below and let’s explore more activities.

Posted by:Ana

I’m Ana, a first-time mum who shares tech, parenting experiences and life hacks. I spend my time with my two boys hubby Mark and little boy Phillip. When my baby’s asleep I’m working on videos for Youtube. I post weekly videos on loads of different topics such as tech stuff, parenting, cooking, our daily routine, my fitness journey, interracial family life, hygge (aka a danish way of living simply and cosily...) and life hacks.

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