So I discussed FAQ’s before returning to work. Now we need a few tools to make the errands at home manageable.

Lists and Magnet Boards.

Overthinking and not having enough time to do everything is quite common for moms. I’m here to tell you that it’s easily managed with lists. Between all the tools, this is the basic and the most importantl! We can easily get lost with endless things to do but if you could write 3-5 things before bedtime then you can sleep easily without worries.

It could be a pen and paper or on Apple Notes. Here’s a neat trick, you can share your list with family. Just follow this guide. For Android users, you can download Google Keep. It’s all about delegating the workload. One thing you need to remember, it’s a team with family.

And don’t forget about meal plan magnetic boards, chalkboard pens or coloured pens. And If you need easy meal ideas I occasionaly post recipes on Youtube!


I bought the S5 Roborock just a few weeks before the lockdown. The price is a bit hefty, but my oh my it helps. It’s a great investment! S5 is a robotic vacuum, perfect for tiled, carpet, and vinyl floors with a mop feature. All you need to install, the Mi Home app, both Android and Apple phone. Here’s a complete guide from Vacuum Wars, Roborock S5 (S50) Compete Setup Guide! – , ALL Buttons & Features, Maintenance


I constantly lose track of time. With BFT Bear Focus it’s a quirky timer that creates compliment cards and one grumpy bear if you don’t follow through. I always have that thought, Mm just a few minutes more. But it always ends adding an hour more! And we don’t want that. A timer is an app that manages time between clients and at home.


As I work at home and I occasionally have clients and freelancers to manage around the globe. Calendly helps avoid back-and-fro messaging. You set the timezone and your availability and that’s it. Your client can choose a timeslot and it notifies you a few hours before the meeting.


For a feel-good meditation, there’s Headspace from Andy Puddicombe. The app helps with my anxiety during pregnancy or postpartum. It has a short meditation selection that suits a busy schedule. The best time to meditate, when your bub is asleep or when you’re on a break. It frees up your mind from all the tasks you need to do and appreciate being present in the moment. So it’s a meditation on the go and carefully crafted for everyday meditation, pregnancy or postpartum.


I have been using Apple for many years, and recently they offer a budget-friendly option. But any smartphone of choice is good. You don’t want to miss those perfect moments with your little one. Find the best smartphone for 2020 here.

The Apple iPhone SE 125 GB is perfect for productivity and photography. It has a powerful Iphone 11 software, waterproof, and and great camera. I also use also use a third-party app called Adobe Lightroom or VCSO, and both softwares have a free version. You can also trade your old iPhone to Apple, and that’s added discount!

For Android users, Samsung Note and Google Pixel series have good reviews!

Coffee Maker

Bosch Tassimo Coffee Machine. Who doesn’t want a warm cuppa? For mums coffee is a necessity. With Tassimo coffee maker, It’s mainly cafe grade. You can choose different coffee pod brands, but an absolute favourite would be Costa for flavoured coffees and Kenco for Cafe Americano. The machine is a bit loud but it does the job.


Monzo is an online banking app that helps a lot with managing finance. It’s fairly new to the market but customer services is superb! And for me that is the important bit.

I have been with Monzo for a year now. I did traditional banking before with online options, but so far nothing beats Monzo. How does Monzo help? I was once really bad with keeping up to date with subscriptions, and I keep on paying for ones that I don’t even use. For a year now, I only missed one subscription cancellation.

The feature that I loved the most is the instant notification for spendings and money coming in. So it keeps you up to speed. There’s also a money pot option to set some savings with interest options!

There are tons of tools that could help but these are the important ones I use. So far I have been using these for 1-3 years in a row now and I haven’t had any problems.

I hope the tools help in creating a work-life balance. And I’m always on the lookout with efficient and affordable tools. If you there’s an app or tool that I missed out, leave a comment below with your favourites.

Posted by:Ana

I’m Ana, a first-time mum who shares tech, parenting experiences and life hacks. I spend my time with my two boys hubby Mark and little boy Phillip. When my baby’s asleep I’m working on videos for Youtube. I post weekly videos on loads of different topics such as tech stuff, parenting, cooking, our daily routine, my fitness journey, interracial family life, hygge (aka a danish way of living simply and cosily...) and life hacks.

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