I believe asking, How are you? feels cliché. It might be that you’re just riding it or maybe not. How about an empath? On a regular day, it’s already exhausting! How about the world? KAPOW! I don’t wanna say. See, it was a year ago that I realised that I am one. What’s an Empath one might ask? 

 One who experiences the emotions of others.

Merriam Webster

There are a few core values many empaths sharemeaningful relationships, non-judgment, and deep concern for the wellbeing of others.

Mind Valley

The key here, empaths feel someone else’s feelings and it ultimately becomes their own. And that is a pretty tedious task to make sense out of it. It took years for me to get my footing. Is it mine, hers, or a mixture of both? How about a pandemic and the world crying for help. WORSE! 

But don’t fret. There’s a way to ride with it. Here’s how to cope being an empath in a pandemic and get stuck for 3 weeks at home. 

  1. Understand that you can’t take the weight of the world. You can only have yours. However it’s okay to tap into it for a second and then just let it go and come back. Remember that you’ve got your little one to tend to, your family. Which brings to the second point.
  2. Be present. I think I’ve posted this in every single page. Meditation might not be your cup of tea, but you don’t have to go full incense and cross-legged on me. When that tension starts. It is quite a recognisable feeling really. Cranky, that feeling of unease, and closing your eyes feels like the thing to do. Yes. That one. Just carry on closing your eyes for a minute. Headspace has described meditation can be done in every single thing you do. Cooking, walking, everything! Bam! 2 in 1. That’s every parents dream. 
  3. Schedule Social Media and Pause. Naturally we want to know what’s going on. So much so that we can feel the chaos a few miles away. STOP. Take 30 minutes away from social media. Too difficult? You can go old schooled and listen to the radio, or read the newspaper. Slow down, and later you will eventually have it as a routine. There’s a neat app called BFT that makes a regular timer quirky! So what it does there’s a bear that would go grumpy if you pick the phone up.
  4. Want to save the world? First save yourself. Entrepreneur says it all. You have to come back hun. Don’t get caught in the chaos and lose yourself. Your family needs you and you have to be there more than ever. The pandemic has been coming and going since the world began. Ultimately it will eventually settle down. And you would like to be there when it comes.
  5. Learn new things. Dust that list of hobbies you’ve been meaning to do. And no, you’re not escaping or in a state of denial. The greatest men kept themselves sane just by tapping on their creativity. There is chaos, but you would rather spread some good vibes the moment it is needed. You don’t want to be carrying this load and throw it to someone for them to carry. You’ve got the time, rather, you’ve been gifted the time. So learn to home cook, be a green thumb. Nourish your soul. The world needs more people like you. That is actually what the world needs. Your feet planted.
  6. Manage your time. Just like any other, it doesn’t only work with home and project management. It also applies to where you spend thinking about. So yes. Don’t get caught up on thinking. Ah! Blast it, done it again! Instead, be aware on those moments that you’re thinking about others, the world, your family. Think about what you’re feeling at the moment and spend maybe an hour or less. Then move on. You’ve got dishes to do, and heaps of laundry to wash since your little one isn’t in nursery anymore. But kidding aside. That’s the way to deal.

It is a difficult time I admit. But just like the war. We are brought together, we become humbled. It might be 3 months or 3 weeks on a lockdown. Who knows? But we will be refreshed when it is all done. Funny as it seems but I am able to do things that I never had any time for. TIME. We have been gifted with time. Let’s just sit with that thought.

Entrepreneur. Want to Save the World? First Save Yourself.

Posted by:Ana

I’m Ana, a first-time mum who shares tech, parenting experiences and life hacks. I spend my time with my two boys hubby Mark and little boy Phillip. When my baby’s asleep I’m working on videos for Youtube. I post weekly videos on loads of different topics such as tech stuff, parenting, cooking, our daily routine, my fitness journey, interracial family life, hygge (aka a danish way of living simply and cosily...) and life hacks.

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