It’s been a month since the lockdown, and three or more weeks to go. A month of no nursery, or any help from the family. How can we thrive in an odd situation like this? After watching a few films on Netflix, Niko at Here Comes the Boom caught my attention. Watch Niko on his A-game.

The takeaway here, work more? No. Seamless and organised that is. Because that’s the only way forward. As a secretary and mom, it also works at home. Every family is different but knowing the rhythm of your family will make you a pro! So here we go. That rhymed.

Hydrate and take supplements. We always forget to take care of ourselves so have some back-up. I usually have a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. But I always make sure I have a venti cup of water or squash after coffee and before the day ends. I then take multivitamins, magnesium, glucosamine for joints, and Vitamin E for healthy cells.

List your priorities. Pretty basic? It’s very hard to keep it. You get easily lost along the way with, choosing which things to do first. Do the laundry or spend time with the family? I’d say ditch the laundry and do it later in the day if it’s weekday working day. Then the following day you make your kid a priority, and cleaning duties, and spend having a walk outdoors and make it his day. Work goes last at this point.

Plan ahead. I’ve worked with and studied entrepreneurs, working moms – and smart planning makes them successful. It will save a lot of heartaches with your kids and relationships. Hell, some who haven’t got kids and are doing so. Here’s the tricky bit. It’s making it a habit. I’ll show you a neat trick which I first introduced to my hubby. The best time of the day to do a list is right before going to bed at night. If time is an issue and we are stuck at home that we aren’t aware of time and space. Then an alarm is your BFF. Set it to 8:55 pm and take a few minutes to list three things to your to-do list. Just three.

Schedule Social Media and meditate. It’s gotten worse since the lockdown. I don’t blame you. The algorithm on the social platform has made it so addicting that you’re itching to just click ‘Buy, Share, or Comment’. So let’s tape those buttons and make ourselves more productive and mindful. There’s a lot of apps out there that helps you manage time. I use a productive app called BFT and Headspace for a feel-good meditation from Andy Puddicombe. Did you know you can meditate whilst cooking or reading!

Always have constant breaks or a nap. You know that hustling feeling when you can’t seem to stop looking at your phone or working. I’m not talking about those moments when you had a lightbulb moment or your creative juices on max. It’s those moments when your child pulls your hand for attention, that you need a break and spend time with your kid. Since having a break for a WAHM is impossible especially if your kid is running around. I use my break time to either spend time with him or take a power nap when he’s asleep.

Wake up at 5 or 6 am or before your family wakes up. Start the day right and to get more things done. I was never an Early Bird, more like a night owl really as I used to work nights and in different timezones before my son arrived. This is the plus side of being a mom. I can’t believe I can do so much in a day. What more if you woke up 30 minutes before everyone wakes up. You get to exercise without a crazy child pulling your hair or performing wrestling matches with you. I’ll be creating a schedule guide soon. So stay tuned!

Technology is your ally. My family and relatives are away and I’ve only relied on sending my kid to nursery. Now it’s not available. And who knows when it’s going to be back. Thank God I purchased a Roborock, it’s a vacuum robot that does the hoovering. That’s just one. And a note, I’m not affiliated with any of the products I listed. There are a lot of gadgets out there that makes a WAHM’S life way easier. I will discuss that in the future but please, don’t do it all and not ask for any help. It helps my sanity and getting things in form. Lastly, your mobile phone is a smartphone. Use it to its full form. It’s a motivation machine, a nudge machine, a communication medium – but it’s not your family. So we go to the next point.

Keep your eye on the prize. Meal and family times are sacred. I’ve always had this policy even before and it’s more important than ever. It just basically teaches your family to enjoy mealtimes and blissfully enjoy food. I did say making technology your ally but I don’t think you can marry them.

Do a 30-minute cleaning burst. If it starts piling up and it bothers you. Then do a sprint clean. Have a foldable crate basket on hand or just group things together, and that’s your cleaning hack right there. There’s only so much you can do. Let’s not pretend we can clean the entire house like we used to. I tried it for more than a week, and I was pretty darn cranky afterwards. Schedule deep cleaning times when your partner or help is around, so you can focus cleaning and he can stay and play with the little one.

Delegate tasks. You need a hand more than ever! ​Hubby does the shopping and emptying the bin, and I create the shopping lists for him. If it’s always been you before the little one arrived. It’s about time to change the game plan and delegate.

There are a few more things that I wanted to include like having wine, wink. But those are the key things that helped me through these past few weeks. So don’t be too hard on yourself and think that most are doing okay. We just learned how to thrive staying at home.

The good thing about it is that we work at home mums already know the routine and we should be embracing that advantage. I’d like to know your tips whilst staying at home. Leave a comment below and let me know what top tips you have on your sleeve to help parents around the globe.

​If you’d like to know more, and prefer things on video. I have more Mindful Mom routines on my YouTube Channel Soul & Orange: Day in the Life of a Work at Home Mum.

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